Our goal

Our goal is the European Union as planned by the Founding Fathers (A free trade zone flow of
people, not the rule over member states via an ever expanding bureaucracy). If the EU as it exists
today does not meaningfully change, let’s create a new one together with the other European
countries. For a strong Poland in Europe we must depend solely on ourselves – the Poles. That is why
Germany or France today impose on us such laws that limit the development of Poland (e.g. fees on

our carbon footprint resulting in a drastic rise in electricity prices in the country). They do it out of
fear of the increasing power of Poland on the international stage which will threaten their
dominance. We are a large country at the heart of Europe, with a proud history, culture and tradition
of struggle for independence. We must create a government that will look after the best interests of
the Poles first and not just the interests of other nations, global banks or corporations. We are
addressing our message to the people who care for the good of the Polish Commonwealth, who
choose Poland as their homeland and look further than the other Poles driven by propaganda. If you
also see the wrong path that Poland and the European Union have been following for many years,
join “PolEXIT” and work with us to awaken the rest of your compatriots. Poland demands more
freedom and deserves more responsibility.

Let's wake Poland up, let's wake up Europe - before it's too late.